Under Caffeinated Queen

{January 4, 2015}   Chone Day!

So often I think my little free spirit is growing up way too fast, then she gets out of her bubble bath and asks to be held like a baby. When we get past the quick snuggle that we have every time I give her a bath, I send her in her room to get dressed. She runs back out a few minutes later with just her chones doing a goofy dance that she made up last year in preschool to get a crying friend to laugh and uses all of the time on her own and asked if she could just have a chone day today. Normally in our busy lives this isn’t an option, but today the snow that was a staple of PNW winter, which hadn’t made an appearance, just wasn’t going to stop falling. It was Sunday, I didn’t have to work, she didn’t have school, daddy was at work, and for a very rare day, we actually had no reason that we had to leave the house, so I gave in. Chone day it was (for her, not me lol) so she threw her tiara on with her Frozen chones and started in on her happy dance while singing what she could remember of the theme from Into The Woods. There’s something so childish (in the best sense of the word) and innocent in her when she’s allowed her freedom that just amazes me, especially when I get to see it in my high-heel wearing, fashion and lip glossed obsessed kid who is begging to be skipped ahead in school because she just wants to grow up already. As willing as I am to let her explore all things girly and become her own person, I revel in the moments that she reminds me she is still just a Kindergartener with giggles, goofy voices, laughs, and a lot of love. I pray that I never accidentally stifle that spirit.


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